Quotes Claudette! Your watch is amazing and was perfect for the LSAT. During each section, all I had to do was glance at a colored wedge to have sense of how much time I had left and whether I was working at a good pace: unlike with other watches, no need to waste valuable seconds trying to find the minute hand amidst all the noise or trying to calculate minutes left. The tick marks and numbers were easy to read, and the minute hand was long enough that, when I did need to look and see exactly how many minutes I had remaining, it was really easy to do so. I found out the other week that I received a 180 on the LSAT, and your watch - by saving me at least a minute in each section - was part of what made that possible. Also, the smiley face on the watch was just what I needed on test day. Thank you!! Quotes
N. R.

Quotes I ordered mine and received it within a week. All of my friends ended up ordering them too. Most of us got faces Y or D. We have all improved timing with only using them a short period. I would reccomend this to anyone over all of the other brands we tried. Thanks for the great product! Quotes
Extremely Satisfied

Quotes Hi Claudette I just wanted to say thank you for the watch! It was so helpful on test day, timing wasn't as issue for me at all. The numbers are so clear and easy to read it made taking the test a breeze. I absolutely love the simplicity of it. Before I got this watch I had this crazy chronograph watch that was so complicated I really had no idea how to use it and I was skeptical that it would get the job done on test day. I really think that having this watch helped me by giving me the confidence I needed to succeed. Feel free use any of this as testimonial. THANK YOU :) Rose Quotes
Boston, MA

Quotes Thanks so much for taking the time to ask me questions to help create the perfect design for me. I appreciate that when I wanted to be lazy and just told you I'd get an existing design, you would work to understand what I meant and helped me feel like getting the right design was important. Quotes
Kevin A
Washington D.C.

Quotes Her customer service is impeccable and her product is genius!!!!! I found out about Claudette's watches two days before my LSAT, so I placed an order. Unfortunately, on such short notice, she couldn't make the one I wanted. BUT instead of cancelling my order, she personally contacted me to see if I would like a different one instead. She shipped it out that day, and I got it the day before my LSAT. More importantly, on a day full of stress and anxiety, Claudette's watch made timing one less thing I had to worry about. Easy to use, easy to read. Anyone who wants to streamline their timing and have one less worry, should get one of Claudette's watches!!!! Quotes

Quotes Thank you for the incredibly fast shipping! The watch is wonderful. I love the color coding. It really allows me to assess my pace instantly without having to waste any time calculating how much time I have left. This watch is a must have for the exam! Thanks! Quotes
Excellent service + excellent product!

Quotes Thanks the watch is great! I really like the new one that counts up. Thanks for making it! Quotes
David G
May 27 2012

Quotes Hi Claudette, I just wanted to let you know that i absolutely love the watch. It's been extremely helpful for my timing in reading comprehension. And I actually wear it during non-LSAT occasions (I think in 35 minute blocks now) and have gotten so many compliments about the simplicity and functionality of the design. Keep doing what you're doing! Kenneth Quotes
Kenneth S
Made me smile June 6 2011

Quotes Used the watch for Oct 10- SO GOOD... Why waste your mental capacity on anything but LSAT during teh LSAT.. Quotes
TLS Forum post

Quotes I got this thing...Monday before the Oct. 9th exam. I did 5 PT games sections with it that week, and the four colored blocks of 8 minutes 45 seconds were reassuring to look at as I completed each game. Where this thing really came in handy was on reading comp; my score really depends on having enough time left to do the fourth passage accurately. On test day, I posted the watch up on my desk, and went to town on my first section which was reading comp. I had RC/LR/LR/LG/LR, and it quickly became evident that this was the type of RC section that one could get bogged down in, either in the passage on some or the answers on others. I must say, compared to the normal watch starting at :25 going to :00 which I've used regularly, this thing is so much quicker to read due to the color blocks, and it allowed me to "breeze" through the section and pace myself perfectly, and thus gave me a confident start to the exam. To me, this was priceless and removed nerves after after the first section. Quotes
TLS Forum post
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