You need to know how much time you have left for those last few problems--NOT how much time you've used on the problems you finished?!  No matter where I looked, I couldn't find an analog watch that I could use as a countdown watch for the LSAT.  Chronographs are expensive and cluttered, and diver bezels count up, not down which is useless...So two nights before test day, I just took apart my watch and used white-out and a permanent marker to make my own analog countdown watch for use during my exam.  Now I'm offering quality custom-made watches to help you do your best on test day! 


Pacing is important, and it should be effortless.  You have to know how much time you have left to quickly decide when you're taking too long on a subsection.  This watch helps you pace yourself properly without wasting time.  Just a glance helps you decide:  Should you take the time to analyze two probable answers, or make an educated guess and move on to the next question?  This watch is currently used by 4 different LSAT Prep companies.


Using this watch is simple and fast.  At the start of each section of the LSAT, you adjust the minute hand to the starting position.  After that, all you have to do is glance at your watch throughout the test to instantly determine how much time remains and see your approaching time "landmarks".  The watch can be propped up in front of your test booklet like a tripod, as shown below.  This watch meets all LSAC guidelines for test day as of the 2014 published guidelines. 


Choose from a variety of watch faces to guide your progress through a section.  I created custom watch faces to meet a variety of pacing and testing needs.  The Options page illustrates available designs, and you select your favorite when you add the watch to your shopping cart, or create your own!  Read about How it Works to learn about the strategy behind my designs.

$1 of every sale goes to a local or national children's charity.

In 2015, thanks to all of your purchases, we (you and I!) contributed over $2000 to Clothes to Kids, St. Jude's Hospital, American Stage's educational theater programs and other worthy charities! 

Custom options that help you Test at Your Best!

When do I decide what design I want on my watch?

When you submit your order, please be sure to select the letter of the design you want.  You can see all the options by looking at the related post in the Options page. 


How long will it take to get my watch? 

Watches are custom-made for you and generally ship out within about 3 to 7 bussness days --unless it's the weeks immediately before an exam date, in which case timeframes can vary depending on how late you order (we sometimes have entire LSAT classes order last-minute; if a large order is pending, we will note that on our facebook page). 

After that, it's just time in transit via Priority Mail (2-3 bus days) . 

While you wait for your watch to arrive, start using my timer video to practice; you can download it to your computer so you don't need an internet connection to run it. It can also run on your iphone, and you can download it to your iphone for use when you aren't connected to the web using this app.

About the watch base that I use:

UNLIKE competitors who purchase watches from China made with the cheapest components possible  that won't set properly for $3.00 per watch (I know because their manufacturer got in touch with me and offered me the same deal and I declined), I use Casio brand watches with superior movements and even superior batteries.  Your watch is always made from a brand new Casio model MQ-24.  It adds a lot to my cost, but it's worth it. 

It's light, sturdy, and the gears are very tight and precise when setting --I love this watch.  Every other watch I tried that was affordable the minute hand jiggles a little or it displaces by about 45 seconds left or right when you push the crown in to start running the watch.  Not this one!  MOST IMPORTANTLY it's SILENT on the ticking.  You can ONLY hear the ticking if you literally press your ear against the watch (unless you have bionic dog ears perhaps?).

The watch face is big enough (29mm viewing area) that you can wear it on your wrist or the watch can be seated in front of you just beyond your test booklet in a tripod position. The straps of the watch allow it to sit propped up so the watch stands like an easel.