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Canada shipping discontinued

Posted by Claudette G on May 3, 2017 at 12:25 AM

We are discontinuing shipping to Canada due to issues with delivery, customs, tracking and the high cost of priority mail to Canada.  Thank you for your understanding and we hope you have a friend with a U.S. address that can help you out!

Passing the torch

Posted by Claudette G on August 29, 2013 at 1:25 AM

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to let you know that my wonderful sister-in-law Alexis is the new operator of TestTimer, and she is going to take it from a hobby to the next level! Now that I started working as an associate at a law firm, I'm not allowed to participate in activities that will take substantial time away from my job. I also truly do not have the time that is necessary to invest in making the best watches for all of you because my husband and I just bought our first home and it's a fixer-upper. So I'm trading my needle nose pliers and jewelry clippers and trading them for a miter saw and nail gun!

Alexis is a part-time attorney and professor, she is fastidious and eager to help, and she knows about the LSAT and took it herself -- she is truly the perfect person to pass the torch to!   She is leaving the contact email addresses the same, because we know that they are posted all over various forums, especially since this has always been a project that grew by word-of-mouth.

Welcome Alexis!

*** A few updates! Thanks everyone for your feedback and questions!!! ***

Posted by Claudette G on July 28, 2012 at 10:15 AM
  1. Yes, I make left-handed watches. Easier to set with left hand while on right wrist.  Just email me after submitting your order.
  2. This watch stands up like a little tripod when you feed the strap through the buckle.  This is the best way to use it during the test, sitting just beyond your test booklet so you can glance quickly.  Also, it's really easy to reset the timer between sections when it's not on your wrist because you use both hands.
  3. I have a downloadable Video of a watchface running a full 35 minutes so that you can try it out.
  4. I do not add "stopfoots" any more -- I changed to Casio watches that are very precise and easy to set, unlike the old walmart watches I used to use (the stopfoot used to damage the mechanism if you forgot to stop the watch after finishing a section and let the minute hand run into it.)
  5. Push button re-set is only available in chronograph watches.  Those are very very pricey ($100+).  If you want to buy a chronograph and have me place a watchface on it because you don't care if you'll never be able to use the chronograph as a regular watch again, email me.  But I haven't gotten a single complaint that the watch is hard to set back to 35 for the next section, so fear not!